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Özgül Mutfak Eşyaları San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Company Information

Our company established in 1982 by Tahir Suyabak, manufacturing alumini- um teapots in a small workshop. In 42 years Özgül Mutfak had an experienced in varioıus fields, and in 2004 Özgül Mutfak began in the field of Melamine. Our company is strongly organised with a productive sales team and has a solid strategy in marketing.Özgül Mutfak has 480 distributors in Turkey, this includes a branch in Istanbul, and 49 distributors around the world, acquiring great deal of demands of the brand and quality of TRIA. Research and development department are perfectly equipped, to acquire the demands of our clients, such ascreating unique and customized products.

Competitive Advantages

Tria has a wild product range, stocks of many articles all the time and strong production capacity and beside these advantages Company is an integrated facility so we even can customize our raw materials regarding to customers needs.

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