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Saften Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Company Information

Saf Group Companies, established in 1987, is composed of several companies from different sectors in areas such as the textile and kitchenware industries. The company started its production operations with the name “SAF Steel,” and specialized in the production of copper and aluminum pans, all within a small shop in Turkey.

This company gained an excellent reputation and respect from customers for producing high quality stainless steel products. By these means, the company began to export products on a global scale. Its journey continued under the name “Saften Company" and "Safinox Brands" within the international market.

According to the market demand in 2002, the Saf Group established the “SAFLON Company,” which produced non-stick kitchenware products. In a short time span, SAFLON become one of the most prominent and leading manufacturer of kitchen utensils, with superior experience and quality when compared to the manufacturing companies in the global market. All applied non-stick coatings are tested in SAFLON quality laboratories and are in full compliance with international quality standards and regulations, related to materials that come into contact with food. 

Today,Thanks to our valuable customers, Our companies have been exporting products to over 86 different countries worldwide since 1987. 

Competitive Advantages

Superior Quality-Customer Satisfaction-Pricing Advantage-Customer Focus

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