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Kumtel Dayanıklı Tüketim Malları Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Company Information

KUMTEL Inc. has been operating in Kayseri since 1972 with the main goal of adding value to our country through local domestic production. As a result of more than 50 years of experience and expertise, Kumtel has focused on best responding to diverse customer needs in different geographical locations in the world with the slogan "Cooking and Heating is Our Job" and has shaped its R&D studies to cater for its market in terms of increasing quality and innovation expectations. As a result of these experiences and efforts, Kumtel has become a preferred brand in the global market by exporting 70% of its production to over 120 countries. 

Kumtel, which has a daily production capacity of more than 30,000, is the industry’s leading manufacturer with this distinctive feature. The products of our company, which has adopted the mission of delivering quality and the highest quality product to the customer under the most suitable conditions, have also been documented by world-renowned standard-setting organizations in the field of safety and quality such as TSE, SGS, LVD, EMC, RoHS.

Competitive Advantages

Kumtel, which has been among Turkey’s top 500 industrial firms since 2003, aims at maintaining its steady growth by contributing to the economy of Turkey. Kumtel continues to succeed in the oven, hood, cooker, heater, cooler, and small domestic appliances sector as a company founded on trust, with a corporate structure and strategic vision that emphasized communication and environmental awareness. By being aware of our responsibilities towards the society as a large enterprise with our employees, customers, and dealers, we are looking at the future with confidence and hope within the framework of mutual respect, Kumtel is the guarantee of quality, elegance, and comfort in every home it can reach.

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